The warmer weather provides me with a more robust selection of plants and flowers to arrange and photograph. I would love to take photographs of floral arrangements and use them as inspiration for tattoos. Because we’re working from these photographs, the flowers would need to be depicted as close to their natural scale as possible.This would allow me to work in the detail necessary to show their true forms. It’s a special opportunity to work from life, either by acquiring flowers from the various flower vendors scattered around New York City or gathering wild flowers from along the overgrown nature trails that line the highways in my home town of Brooklyn.

If you’re interested in participating in this tattoo project and would like to have one of these floral arrangements turned into a tattoo for you, please reach me through email,


Floral Design # 1


Floral Design #2


Floral Design #3


Email me at or reach me through the contact page on this site to claim one of the designs!