Tattoo Aftercare 

Most tattoos take two weeks or longer to heal.

Before you remove the bandage make sure to wash your hands with UNSCENTED ANTIBACTERIAL or ANTIMICROBIAL hand soap from a bottle or pump bottle (e.g., Hibiclens, Dial, Uline). Make sure you wash your hands every time before you touch your healing tattoo.


Remove Tegaderm/Saniderm/Second Skin bandage after three to five days. Do not rip the bandage off, gently peel it off. Creating a humid environment like running a warm shower over and under the bandage can help release the adhesive making it easier to remove the bandage. After the bandage comes off wash the tattoo and surrounding area with UNSCENTED ANTIMICROBIAL or ANTIBACTERIAL soap (e.g., Hibiclens), and warm water. NEVER use a bar soap, only use liquid soap that is safely stored in a bottle or pump bottle. Make sure the soap has been recently purchased and has not been contaminated or handled with unclean hands.


Pat the tattoo dry with a disposable paper towel and allow to air dry for a few minutes. 


After the washing, once the tattoo is completely dry apply a light and even coat of UNSCENTED moisturizer. Organic, UNSCENTED balms like SHEA or COCOA BUTTER are highly recommended. If you have a moisturizer that you prefer to use ask me about it first, I’ll let you know if it’s safe to use during the healing process. 


For the next three days wash the tattoo in the morning and evening followed by a light and even coat of moisturizer applied after each washing. Wash the tattoo twice a day until the tattoo is completely healed. Use a liquid, unscented, antimicrobial or antibacterial hand soap from a pump or bottle for the first seven days, after a week you can switch to a more mild liquid soap from a bottle (e.g., Cetaphil Baby Gentle Wash, Unscented Aveeno Ultra-Calming Cleanser for Sensitive Skin, Dr. Bronner’s Baby Unscented Castile Liquid Soap). NEVER use alcohol or peroxide to clean your tattoo.


Once the tattoo starts to feel dry, tight, itchy or flaky apply the moisturizer more liberally, three to four times a day. Apply the moisturizer until the tattoo is completely healed. 


DO NOT pick, scratch, allow other people or pets to touch your healing tattoo.

DO NOT soak your healing tattoo in a body of water: tubs, pools, ocean, rivers, lakes. 

DO NOT go swimming for two weeks after your tattoo appointment.

DO NOT exercise for two weeks after your tattoo appointment. 

DO NOT use a sponge, washcloths or anything abrasive to clean your tattoo. 

DO NOT suffocate your healing tattoo by sleeping on it, when you sleep your skin regenerates, you want your tattoo to breathe properly when you sleep to allow your skin to repair.

DO NOT suffocate your healing tattoo with thick coats of moisturizer, your skin will struggle for air and pimples will breakout. If pimples appear wash off the moisturizer and allow your tattoo to air dry for 36 to 48 hours. 

DO NOT expose your healing tattoo or healed tattoo to direct sunlight or UV radiation (tanning booth). Once your tattoo heals wear a high SPF to protect it from the sun.

DO NOT wear restrictive or abrasive clothing over your healing tattoo.

DO NOT put bacitracin, neosporin or steroid cream on your healing tattoo unless you’ve been advised to do so by a medical professional or the artist. 

DO NOT consume alcohol for 24 hours after your tattoo appointment.