Lantern Tattoo, Brooklyn, New York

The Artist

Dorothy Lyczek has been tattooing out of New York City since 2006. A Brooklyn native, Dorothy’s style grew out of her fine arts background and global outlook.


Providing exceptional work in a clean, professional environment.

Tattooing of botanical and floral imagery inspired by my love and reverence for the natural world. Custom tattooing and pressed floral compositions are my specialty.

Art Services

It’s not just a tattoo, It’s a work of art.

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Meet your expectations through replacing your unwanted tattoo with a new one.


Scar Coverage

Get your creative juices flowing over your falls, fights, or even surgeries scars.


Botanical Tattoos

Create a masterpiece thats inspired by love and reverence for the natural world.


The most wondrous tattoos.

Finally had a chance to visit Dorothy in her new store the other day and I swear this was the most charming, intimate studio I’ve laid eyes upon. I felt like I was stepping into an all-women’s pâtisserie but instead of pastries, the most wondrous tattoos. Dorothy’s tattoos really speak for themselves btw- bold, LOVELY, and an absolute gem to have on your body, you’d best be prepared to receive a lot of admiring stares. I had my sternum piece done a while ago and I still love it so much, so bold and absolutely badass Highly recommend Dorothy because of her crazy talented artistry and rad personality!

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